Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday Tidbit: Your stories can shape your family’s history

The Bible urges us to tell our children and grandchildren our stories—because God knows how influential stories can be. Just look at the way He uses stories in the Bible—it’s full of stories. Why? Because they are so powerful!

Stories sculpt us,
define us,
enlarge our hearts,
save us,
and help us figure out why we were born. 

Your stories are important, perhaps more than you realize.

We all know stories have shaped history. And your stories can shape the history of your family, one person at a time.

Your stories can offer inspiration,
encourage peace and joy and hope,
demonstrate courage and integrity,
introduce readers to God’s love,
and strengthen their faith.

Your kids and grandkids and great-grandkids need to know your stories—stories of success and struggle, even failure. Your stories can help others learn from your hard lessons.

“…Dr. Duke said that
children who have the most self-confidence
have…a strong ‘intergenerational self.’
They know they belong to
something bigger than themselves….

The bottom line:
if you want a happier family,
create, refine and retell the story
of your family’s positive moments
and your ability to bounce back
from the difficult ones.
That act alone may increase the odds
that your family will thrive
for many generations to come.”
(emphasis mine; 
to read the whole article.)

Write your stories!


  1. I have seen the power of a personal story, written and passed down in a family. Love this post.

    1. Robin, tell us more about the stories passed down in your family and how they impacted you all. We're all curious now! Are you writing a memoir? If so, tell us about it. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your comment. :)