Thursday, March 9, 2017

Do you have a plan to promote your memoir?

The closer I get to publishing my second memoir, the more I look for marketing ideas.

I find book promotion painful. How about you?

But you and I know we must do it.

Marketing can seem like grinning at people and saying, “Buy my book! It’s great!” But that’s not the best way to do it.

There’s an art to book promotion and we need to do it correctly.

If you’ll soon publish your memoir, you must become a student of marketing it.

How do you do that? You can buy books, attend workshops and writers’ conferences, sign up to receive relevant blog posts by email, and follow pros on Facebook and other social media.

Below you’ll find links to articles I’ve found helpful.

Sarah Bolme at Marketing Christian Books says, “Most people hate selling. They also hate being sold to. So, stop trying to sell your book and start trying to connect with your potential readers.”  Read Sarah’s advice about creating emotional connections, including Mark Rodgers’ list of seven types of emotional objectives in persuading people.

  • her most effective means of promoting books
  • the least effective promotions she’s tried
  • connecting with her readers
  • the craziest promotional gimmick she’s used
  • unexpected doors for promotion
  • tips for new authors promoting their first book

  • learn when it’s a good idea to give away free books and when it’s not
  • listen to the pros, not your family and friends, about your book’s cover design

The Nonfiction Authors Association shares tips from “the industry’s best, brightest, and most innovative experts.” In this post they answer the question, “What are some of your best tips for leveraging social media for authors?”

Debbie Young at Self Publishing Advice Center encourages the following marketing methods:
  • joint promotions by groups of authors
  • targeting specialist markets, not just bookstores
  • networking with people from your past
  • bookish acts of kindness

I highly recommend you follow Sandra Beckwith at Build Book Buzz. She’s a real pro. Check out her post, Who are your key influencers? in which she explains how to find your influencers and what to do with your influencer list.

Sandra Beckwith recommended a post over at Just Publishing Advice. Check out Ten Marketing Mistakes New Authors Make.  

Do you know what metadata is? If not, you need to educate yourself. “Book metadata is all about making your book more discoverable,” says Derek Haines at Just Publishing Advice. It’s “about words and phrases that will help readers find your books.” And that’s what you want, right?

I’ll post more links to help with your marketing strategies, but for now, begin by taking in all the information in today’s post.

Let’s help each other! 
If you have marketing tips to share with us, 
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  1. Great advice Linda, as usual. I've been a huge fan of Joel Friedlander for years and it's been fun watching him continue to expand his business in clever, innovative ways.

  2. Hi, Sharon, I agree: Joel Friedlander offers excellent help and wisdom. I plan to cover him in an upcoming post. Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to add others to this list as you think of them. :)