About S M 101

Spiritual Memoirs 101 is about inspiration and celebration, with a focus on Deuteronomy 4:9, “Always remember the things you’ve seen God do for you, and be sure to tell your children and grandchildren!”

Inspiration is one of my favorite words. I pray that within this blog, you’ll find inspiration.

What words come to mind when you think of inspiration? 

I think of infusing with enthusiasm, encouragement, passion, gusto, and eagerness.

Inspire: to cheer, persuade, set in motion, buoy up, guide, fire up, and energize.

Week by week, you and I will examine the art and craft of memoir and, as we do, my heart’s desire is that you’ll receive inspiration to write and write and write and write.

Celebration is another of my favorite words. It conjures up images of joy, glee, jubilation, and delight.

Celebrate: to cheer, applaud, shout approval, give a standing ovation, praise, honor, and pay tribute.

I pray that within and beyond this blog, you’ll participate in a celebration—ultimately a celebration of God in all His goodness, faithfulness, holiness, and splendor.

May God help us remember all we’ve seen Him do for us, and with us—and even in spite of us.

May He give us a longing to write those stories for our children, grandchildren, and “spiritual” children as well—precious people God has brought into our lives whether we share DNA or not.

Your stories are part of God’s stories, and God’s stories are part of your stories.
People need to hear those stories. Believe it!
Get ready to write!