Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday Tidbit: When was the last time you attended a writers’ conference?

Some people say writers should attend a conference at least once a year

Are you overdue?

Writers’ conferences offer a wealth of information and inspiration, things such as:

  • Networking with other writers, people who share your goals and dreams. You might even make a new friend or meet someone who will become a valuable critique partner.
  • Learning from professionals—writers, editors, publishers, marketers, and agents. Whether you’re a beginning writer or an accomplished author, professionals’ expertise will educate and help you move toward publishing a high-quality memoir.
  • Making appointments with pros. Most conferences offer participants opportunities to get critiques and to meet with editors and agents.
  • Schmoozing with pros. Around lunch tables and at social times, you can rub elbows with those professionals—and that can lead to some delightful results.
  • Inspiration to improve your skills and work hard on your manuscript. At writers’ conferences you’ll find a lot of enthusiastic people, and their passion will rub off on you. 

Be selective about which conferences you attend. Scrutinize brochures for offerings and faculty and choose a conference that best suits your purposes and needs.

I encourage you to look into Colorado Christian Writers Conference coming up May 17-20, 2017. Many consider it one of the best in America.

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