Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Tuesday Tidbit: Wait until your story is ready

Making peace with our problemsour heartaches, disasters, tragedies, mysteriesoften takes time. God's timetable is usually different than oursHe often makes us waitbut within our waiting, God acts (even if we don't sense that He's doing anything).

So, too, our stories: Stories need time to marinate.

Remember a memoir's unique characteristics: It requires reflecting on the past, looking back to an earlier time, pondering what happened, and examining what it means now, years later.

Perhaps you've discovered that in your waiting, your story has come to maturity.

You've found some answers long hidden. You've discovered some clarification over past mysteries.

Your story has ripened. It is ready.

It's time to begin writing your memoir.

Here's something interesting and delightful: In writing your rough draft, God will continue working. Even more puzzle pieces will fall into place. You'll stumble upon answers that evaded you to long. You'll find additional healing from past heartaches. How amazing is that?!

There you have it, 
your 15 seconds of inspiration, 
your Tuesday Tidbit.

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