Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Detours? or Your God-planned Destiny?

Here is today’s 15 seconds of inspiration,
your Tuesday Tidbit:

“…What we consider ‘detours’ in our lives
aren’t always detours in God’s overarching plan….
Friend, if you have bitter things in your life—
things that look like they have diverted you
onto a detour from your destiny,
they do not have the final say.
They are not the defining factors in who you are.
Your detours are simply God’s perfect plan
to get you exactly where He wants you to be.
Tony Evans (emphasis mine)

Tony pinpoints a key aspect of memoir: You, the memoir-writer, look back at turning points, significant events, key people,

and you look back at
what might look like disappointments
or failures
or detours
or setbacks—

and you connect the dots and discoveruncover—all the ways God has been working out His “perfect plan to get you exactly where He wants you to be.”

That sounds pretty exciting to me! How about you?

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