Thursday, June 11, 2015

Delightful, powerful ripple effects: Samantha’s memoir

“The Samantha White book arrived this afternoon,” my friend wrote in an email, “and I'm about 30 pages into it already. Boy, can I relate! Thank you so much for suggesting it.”

I had mentioned to my friend—let’s call her Erin—that she might enjoy Samantha’s memoir, Someone to Talk To:  Finding Peace, Purpose, and Joy After Tragedy and Loss, and Erin ordered Samantha’s book that very day!

About 24 hours after Erin started reading Samantha’s memoir, she sent another email: “What a gift…! Samantha’s path, experiences and emotions are so very similar to mine that it is uncanny.… It is such a relief to hear others felt or feel the same way I do.

Before long, Erin wrote again:  “On page 177 in Samantha's book she states for the first time she has fibromyalgia. OMG! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Both in our 70s, she and I have walked parallel lives on opposite coasts. No wonder her words so resonated with me.…

Other than the Bible, her book is probably the most impacting and significant book I have ever read! Honestly. Our paths and feelings are so very similar. On almost every page I could say ‘That's me! That's exactly me!’ Only someone who has been there can have even an inkling of the pain we suppress and try not to self acknowledge. 

“Thank you again, Linda, for mentioning Samantha's book to me. No longer feeling so alone, it is a comfort to read about someone who has lived this and survived and, more importantly, thrived! Telling her story helped heal her and it is a significant step in helping with my healing.”

Some of you—perhaps many of you—
fear your story is not worth telling.
You worry no one would want to read your memoir.
I hope you will reconsider and write your story.
You lived your story
so that,
like Samantha,
you can bless others with and through it.

Think how exciting and rewarding that would be.
Think of how moving it would be to learn
your story could help answer someone’s prayers.
Think of the way God could use your memoir
to bring healing and hope.

Put yourself in Samantha’s place: What would you feel if you received messages like Erin’s?

Samantha emailed: “Passing Erin’s words on to me, the message that my book is helping and inspiring her, was a blessing. It is what I prayed for, all the time I was writing it. ‘Please let this book fly on wings to those who might derive some comfort, courage and inspiration from it.’ Please thank Erin for me, for her words, which are an answer to my prayers.”

Did you catch that? Samantha prayed while she wrote her memoir. She asked God to give others comfort, courage, and inspiration from her experience and her memoir. How exciting is that?!

You, too, can pray while you write.
Who knows what God might do through your story?

In her earlier guest post here at SM 101, Samantha said writing her memoir was “among the toughest, most draining, most rewarding things I have ever done” but her painful past and the tough job of writing her memoir brought about blessing and healing for her and others like Erin.

But there’s more to Samantha’s story. Personal Life Coach, memoirist, and retired psychotherapist, she wrote:

“When I moved to another state I had to leave my private practice of psychotherapy behind, and discovered that I missed doing my life’s work and needed to develop a new practice, with a new emphasis. And so my life coaching practice was born!”

Check out Samantha’s new website at and sign up for her newsletter, Recipe for Healing, a once-a-month short message of encouragement for surviving and thriving after tragedy and loss.

Be sure to click on Samantha’s earlier post about writing and publishing her memoir.  Take a few minutes to read it. You’ll be inspired.

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