Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit: Memoirists “make our lives into lives for others”

Here's your 15 seconds of inspiration,
your Tuesday Tidbit:

"When we say,
'Let me tell you what we saw.
Come and listen to what we did.
Sit down and let me tell you what happened to us.
Wait until you hear whom we met,'
we call people together
and make our lives into lives for others.
The word brings us together 
and calls us into community."

from Henri Nouwen's Bread for the Journey, June 25 selection

Let's be intentional about writing our memoirs: Let's "call people together and make our lives into lives for others," not because we are so special, but because God is!


  1. I like that verse! Not sure if you caught this, but it is Psalm 66:16 rather than 66:1. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Oooh, Victoria, thanks for pointing that out. I always feel so bad when I make a typo. Happy writing, Victoria, and thanks for stopping by.