Saturday, May 28, 2011

2011 Saturday Snippet: Endless ideas

Welcome, Kathryn and Rhonda, to S M 101!

Did you enjoy adding sensory details—sights, sounds, tastes, feels, and smells—to your rough drafts? See last Saturday’s Snippet if you missed it:

Jamie Jo left a comment saying she’s enthused about adding sensory details to her stories. I find such revisions loads of fun and hope you do, too.

Having trouble describing a smell? First, is it a stink, a stench, or a reek? Is it an aroma, a fragrance, or a scent?

Next, do a Google search to see how others describe a similar place or situation or person, but beware: this is fun and it could get addictive. Your options are almost endless.

It never occurred to me that outer space has a smell, but it does. Check out this link:

Last Saturday, I met with LC and SW, former members of our local class, and I've just gotta brag on those two.

LC shared a touching conversation she had with her son who recently returned after a challenging deployment. He said, “Mom, don’t buy me a birthday present this year. All I want is your stories. Write me your stories.” That chokes me up. You, too?

LC is delighted with his suggestion and has given herself a goal: she’s aiming for a finished memoir by Christmas. Good for you, LC!

SW has written a number of vignettes (dozens of pages) and a long list of vignette ideas to write in the near future—she brought her list to show us! Way to go, SW!

How’s your list coming? Ideas can pop into your head at the most unexpected moments so keep a pencil and scrap of paper handy at all times!

Now for our Saturday Snippet:

The following might give you story/vignette ideas to add to your list:

I had such fun on the day that _______________________________________________.

My life suddenly changed when ____________________________________________.

The most courageous action I’ve seen someone take is: _______________and this is how it changed my life: _____________________________________________________.

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  2. Blogger has had some issues lately.

    No present? Just write me your stories? That is amazing! (Can I adopt him?)

    Okay, off to do some homework. If only life wouldn't keep interrupting my musings. Haha.

  3. Ah, Jamie Jo, it's great to hear from you! You are quite the writer. What are you working on now? (in addition to at least two blogs...!!!)

    Hope you're doing well. I enjoy following your blog, IRL.