Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Your Easter vignette


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Esther has posted five parts of one vignette on her blog and is working on more, and Sandy has written over 60 pages! Way to go, Esther and Sandy!

I suggest you all follow Esther and Sandy’s example: Write, write, write!

Write a collection of vignettes (think of them as chapters). Most people write stand-alone vignettes—that is, self-contained stories your readers can understand without reading your other vignettes.

The rough drafts you’re currently crafting, and those you write in the future, will become individual chapters/vignettes in your finished collection—your memoir.


Think about Easters from your past.

What scenes live in your mind? Good Friday church services? Easter Sunday church services? Easter egg hunts? Easter baskets? New clothes? New hat and gloves?

What people come to mind? What churches? What houses?

What smells and flavors? (the fragrance of Easter lilies filling the church sanctuary, Grandma’s ham dinner, the taste of Easter eggs.)

What colors? (Easter egg stain on your finger tips, teeth, and tongue.)

What sounds come to mind from your past? (Grandpa’s laughter when you first arrived at his house.)

What was your most unusual Easter?

What was your saddest Easter?

What was your happiest Easter?

In what places around the world have you celebrated Easter?

Did you ever have to skip celebrating Easter for some reason? Why?

How has your understanding of Easter changed over the years?

Reflect on what God was doing in Easters past: How was He changing you?

What was He teaching you, and how long did it take you to figure it out?

What do you remember about learning the real meaning of Easter?

How has your life changed as a result?

If you could go back and do it over again, what would you have done differently?

What advice would you give your readers about Easter?

Write another chapter of your memoir!

Include Bible passages and explain why they’re relevant. (See the Bible Gateway search box, below in the right column!)

Add sketches of your floor plan, neighborhood, town, photos of people and places, churches, mementos, or part of a road map if you traveled out of town. Try to include addresses and dates of these events.

Make Easter come alive for your readers!

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