Tuesday, June 27, 2017

When even God says you’re old

Today I’m celebrating … um … I am observing a significant birthday.

Getting old humbles a woman.

The other day I looked over my body, wondering if I could find one square inch without wrinkles. I found a place—depending on how I hold my arm—but I tell ya, it’s not easy to show off the underside of my forearm in public.

As if that’s not humbling enough, even God seems to be reminding me I’m old.

While thumbing through my Bible I ran across this—highlighted! Who highlighted it?!? Not me!—so I took it as a sign to apply the verse personally:

In Joshua 13, God looked at Joshua and said, “You are getting very old.”

Sheesh! I suppose He’s looking at me today and thinking the same thing.

I’ve wanted to hear Him say many things, but never that. Never, “Linda, you are getting very old.”

Joshua must have squirmed at what God said next: He pointed out Joshua still had big tasks to carry out before it was too lateduties only Joshua could complete.

God listed specifics and then said, “You’ve gotta do this, Joshua, as an inheritance. Leave this legacy for your tribes—your family. Do it. Do it now.”

That got me to thinking. And squirming. He has tasks for me to accomplish while I’m still walking on this earth, things He wants me to pass on to my kids, grandkids, and great-grands. 

It’s like He is saying, “You’ve gotta do this, Linda, as an inheritance. Leave this legacy for your tribes—your family. Do it. Do it now.”

I can’t know how many days or weeks or years I will have to prepare and complete that legacy so I’ve been asking myself,

  • What should be my priorities?
  • What am I doing with the time I have left? Am I wasting it with pursuits that have little or no significance? What activities do I need to set aside so I can spend my time wisely?
  • What legacy do I need to be working on?

One of my priorities is carrying out Deuteronomy 4:9, “Always remember what you’ve seen God do for you and be sure to tell your children and grandchildren!”

It’s not about us. It’s all about God. I want my stories to celebrate Him.

Perhaps you, too, suspect it’s time to rearrange your priorities. What legacy should you be preparing before it's too late?

Since inheritances come in assorted forms and shapes and sizes, which are the most important to pass on to your kids, grandkids, and great-grands?

Do you hear God’s voice today? In one way or another, He’s whispering in your ear, “You’ve gotta do this, (fill in your name), as an inheritance. Leave this legacy for your family. Do it. Do it now.”

Focus on finishing well and leaving God-and-you stories for your kids, grandkids, and great-grands—not because you’re so special, but because God is so special.

He can use your stories to bless, 
teach, entertain, challenge, 
and shape those who come after you—for His glory.

Revised from original post published June 27, 2012


  1. It's seems the older I get the more I wonder about my life's work. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and enough time to do your life's work. Blessings. xx

    1. Hi, Joyful Penny. Thanks for your birthday wishes. I always enjoy hearing from you. :) Richest blessings to you, my friend.

  2. Happy Birthday to you!

    Thank you for sharing this post. When I learned that our first grandchild was on the way I knew that I wanted to leave a God and me legacy behind. And now as our second one is coming I'm even more convinced of this journey of songwriting and story writing that God has me on. Thank you for consistently leading the way!

    Blessings to you!

    1. Alida, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I checked out your blog and am now following you on Facebook. You have several meaningful ministries! Good for you! Keep writing. Your blog posts could be the stuff of a memoir some day. Let me know if I can be of help.

  3. I completely understand your perspective on growing old and reaching "the end." While my retired contemporaries are enjoying a leisurely life, I'm feeling as if I'm in a race against time to share my recently completed memoir that shows how God showed up during the lowest time of my life. I have to remind myself that if others can benefit from my story, God will grant me the time and means.

  4. Linda, you and I both feel we're in a race against time, and it can be a delightful race. Congratulations on completing your memoir! I hope you'll leave a comment here and tell us the title and how we can buy it.