Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“Through us, with us, in spite of us”

Your Tuesday Tidbit, your 15 seconds of inspiration:

“For such a long time, I felt my story wasn’t important….
I didn’t know who my story had made me….
But exhuming it, the healing had been profound,
pulling from the ashes of charred memories….
And the things I’ve discovered have been treasures….
Through writing I’ve discovered that…
protecting and preserving our stories
is about discovering God’s story.
What he did through us, with us, in spite of us,
continually pursuing that story
is a matter of faithfulness and obedience,
to become aware and invest in this life he’s given.
To speak its life-affirming power
in proper words and context,
it can be the delight of our lives,
an endless source of inspiration.”

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