Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit: Who is your Mr. Romero?

Here are your 15 seconds of inspiration for this week's Tuesday Tidbit:

Prepare to be surprised and delighted
when you peel off layers
surrounding your past experiences.
Prepare to discover links, insights, and joys.
Prepare to make sense of mysteries (at least some of them).
Prepare to feel good about it.

Read one man's story:

"...I knew this was an important experience in my life
but I never realized how seminal it truly was
to the man I was to become.
It wasn't until a few years ago ...
that I came to realize that my entire life's work was,
in fact, a reflection of
what Mr. Romero did for me as a young man....
I have been continuously reliving
what Mr. Romero did for me
and I never even knew it--
until I looked into my 'why.'"

Who is the Mr. Romero in your life? No doubt you have several Mr. or Mrs. Romeros in your life.

How did he or she help shape you into the person you have become?

Does your life reflect what someone did for you as a young person?

Are you reliving what he or she did for you?

Make time
to dig deeply, ponder, reflect,

Then write your stories!

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