Thursday, December 11, 2014

You are a God-designed link between generations past and future

We will tell our children,
and the generations that come after us,
God-shaped family stories our parents and grandparents
passed down to us.
Let’s not hide them
from our children and grandchildren.
Instead, let’s tell stories of what we have seen God do—
His power and might,
and the glorious and praiseworthy things He has done—
so that we and they will praise Him.
God commanded our ancestors
to teach such things to their children
so they in turn would teach their children
down through the generations.
This is His plan
to help all of us grasp and remember
His deeds and miracles
and live faithfully according to His ways.
Psalm 78:2-7, paraphrased

God established this ingenious plan—to teach our children and grandchildren what we’ve seen Him do—because He knows we’ll benefit if we know, love, and follow His ways.

Instead of preaching do’s and don’ts, tell stories that will help kids and grandkids discover for themselves what’s important.

People resist a holier-than-thou attitude, but they respond well to a story. Stories are powerful.

Your stories can entertain, 
they can cause readers to laugh, 
or cry, 
or maybe both, 
and they’ll remember your stories longer than 
lectures or preaching.

A story is up to twenty-two times more memorable than facts alone,” according to Professor Jennifer Aaker of the Stanford Graduate School of Business.   

Through your stories, 
others can benefit from your experiences: 
Readers can take in the wisdom you learned, 
avoid mistakes you have made, 
and make their own good choices. 
They can navigate through their own difficulties 
and mysteries, 
make sense of their own lives, 
and have a sense of direction for the future. 
Your stories can soften and strengthen hearts, 
pass on hope, 
and offer grace.

Write your stories. They are important!


  1. Lovely, lovely words, Linda, on the importance of telling our stories and writing them down. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your kind comment, Sherrey. I know many will be blessed by reading your stories. Keep up the good work!