Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Tidbit: Christmas details

Here’s your 15 seconds of inspiration, 
your Tuesday Tidbit for this week:

Here’s a way to add richness to your memoir.

During these days leading up to Christmas, note sensory detailsnot just the typical details that everyone thinks of, but unique sensory details relating to your Christmas:

What smells do you associate with Christmas?
What sounds remind you of Christmas?
What feels or textures signify Christmas to you?
What sights do you connect to Christmas?
What tastes go along with Christmas? 

When you write vignettes about Christmas, include a few of these sensory details to add depth and texture for your readers.

If you have Christmas vignettes in rough draft form, look for places to add these sensory details.

Your readers will appreciate the effort you make
to include such details.

Let your readers experience what you 
smelled, heard, felt, saw, and tasted.
That way they can enter into your story with you.

I’m guessing they might even smile and say something like,
“Oh, I remember that…..
But I’d forgotten all about it until I read this story.”


  1. Sensory details -- something we too often forget all too easily. Thanks for the reminder, Linda, to think of Christmas in these terms but also the rest of the year in our writing. Excellent post!

    1. Thanks, Sherrey, for your kind words. My prayers have been answered if someone found the blog post helpful. I hope you and your loved ones are having a special Christmas season.