Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday Tidbit: Your story can change someone’s life

“Stories are our lifeline to inspiration, awe, and hope.
(They) entertain us and introduce us to characters with immense courage.
When characters overcome a challenge
that mirrors the reader’s own circumstances,
their story provides a lifeline of hope to the reader.”

Your children, grandchildren, and great-grands
need to know your stories.

And perhaps your friends do, too.

And how about colleagues, neighbors,
aunts, uncles,
nieces, nephews,
and cousins?

Write your stories! Write them now!

Are you writing a memoir? Let us know.

Have you published your memoir? Be sure to tell us.

and rewriting
and publishing
and marketing
can be a daunting task,
and we want to cheer you on.

Leave a comment below,


  1. Thank you for that lovely reminder! Tonight, I'm going home to write my own story... and make it be heard.

    Commenting as part of my challenge: rebekahdevall.wordpress.com/challenge/

  2. Rebekah! Thanks for leaving your comment and -- CONGRATULATIONS on writing your story. And on commiting to make it be heard. You're amazing. Keep us posted on your progress. I'm serious.