Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday Tidbit: Listen for “a deeper sound, a different beat”

The process of writing a memoir changes our hearts.

It changes the way we hear.

It opens our eyes. 

It helps us recognize a bigger, higher, deeper, broader story. 

When we start writing, we have no idea where our memories and ponderings and writings will take us.  

“The written word
preserves what otherwise might be lost
among the impressions that inundate our lives.
Thoughts, insights, and perceptions
constantly threaten to leave us
before we have the opportunity
to grasp their meaning.
Writing can keep technology-driven,
fast-paced, quick-fix,
ambiguity-intolerant modern life
from overpowering us—
and give us something palpable
upon which to reflect.

Reflection slows matters down.
It analyzes what was previously unexamined,
and opens doors to different interpretations
of what was there all along.
Writing, by encouraging reflection,
intensifies life.

Editors Ben Jacobs and Helena Hjalmarsson,

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