Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tidbit: Your writing can lead to personal discovery

Many of you will recognize yourselves in this quote:

“I’ve lived with and in my memoir for many years.
 Not only did I mentor my younger self
through writing my story,
but the writing process mentored me in turn,
providing lessons on writing and life
I could not have learned in a classroom
or a therapy session.
Through writing my memoir
I discovered who I was,
and who and what had shaped me into that person.”

Pamela Jane (emphasis mine)

That brings us back to an excerpt from last Thursday’s post:

Much more hides within your experience than you realize right now. Writing leads to discovery. Roger Housden says it this way:

“…[A]s much as we think we know about our story,
there is far more waiting to surprise us
when our own words hit the page.”
(emphasis mine)

This is only one of the numerous benefits of writing your memoir.

So there you have it, your Tuesday Tidbit.

Have you started writing your memoir?
If not, how about beginning this week?

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