Thursday, January 2, 2014

Creating future stories

Since you are busy this week with holiday doings, and since I am busy this week, I’m keeping this post brief.

I’m spending time with my three grandsons, all the while thinking—as a good memoir geek would—that this week we are creating story material for future memoirs!

Happy New Year, friends!

Grandpa and the boys found something in a tide pool.

What could it be?

A baby octopus!


  1. Happy New Year , Linda! You are missing all the snow but are definitely making special memories, I call them "Memoir Moments". :-)

    Blessings and Hugs,


  2. "Memoir moments!" I love that. And Happy New Year to you, too, dear Kathy. The weather man indicates you're having a cold, snowy winter. Stay warm and dry! It's a good time to stay indoors and write and edit and polish your second memoir (since you've completed your first -- CONGRATULATIONS on that!). Thanks for stopping by, Kathy,.