Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sobbing, wild-eyed, gasping leaps of faith

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Today Charlie Hale posted a mini-excerpt from my “Where I’m From” over at his blog, along with pieces from a couple of other people.

First read Charlie’s post, Who Are You? Where Are You From? Then read today’s post, The Ancient Warrior, Hula Hoops and Yeats. (My piece is the Hula Hoop one.)

Have you been writing a “Where I’m From” piece? I hope so. (See my August 31 post, Where are You From.) Charlie’s posts will give you oodles of inspiration! 

OK, now on to today's original post:

What leaps of faith have you taken?

I’m talking about a heart-stopping, bawling, howling plunge into the unfamiliar—with God.

A breath-taking, blubbering dive into the untried, the unproven—with God.

I wince when I type the phrase, “taking a leap of faith,” because its overuse has stolen its intensity, its radicalness.

I’m talking about faith that calls you to hurdle yourself over the edge—blindfolded, shrieking—into the unknown, with God.

You have no guarantee things will work out.

You can only begin to imagine what surprises await you.

You wonder how you’ll hold up, or if you’ll even live through it.

You feel the last-moment doubts, the dread, the teeth-gritting, the labored breathing. 

The heart-racing, stomach-knotting, head-spinning terror.

The throbbing, queasy feeling of being out of control.

You know only three things:      

(1) God asked you to do something way beyond your abilities and comfort zones, something that scares you out of your wits and makes it hard to sleep at night.

(2)  Everything within you cries out, “I must do this. I cannot not do this.”

(3) God, who is trustworthy, will be with you every moment.

What screaming, wild-eyed, gasping leaps of faith have you taken?

What did God teach you through it? What did you learn about yourself? About God? In what ways did the experience strengthen your faith?

Write your stories!

Resources and links:
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