Saturday, August 20, 2011

Your memoir: Do you need story ideas?

How’s your list of story ideas coming for your memoir?

Do you need a few suggestions to jog your memory? Check these out:

On the day you [give person’s name] were born.…

Difficulties come to every life. When you face difficulties, my advice is.…

Your great-grandmother / great-grandfather would want you to know.…

The greatest accomplishment of my life is.…

The most important things in life are.…

If only.…

The hardest thing I had to deal with in my life was.…

I’ll never forget.…

The happiest moment in my life was.…

I had such fun on the day that.…

The biggest surprise of my life was.…

It’s not too late for you to.…

If I could live my life over again, I would.…

My faith has given me.…

Please forgive me for.…

My life suddenly changed when.…

I have a special message for [name].…

I am so proud of you [fill in name] for.…

I hope you know how much I love you. [Give specific details.]

You’ve given me so many joys. [Give specific details.]

Never forget, and always remember.…

I hope you’ll remember … about me.

[Person’s name] has been one of my spiritual role models.

My spiritual role model changed my life in this way.…

I saw/see the following Christ-like characteristics or actions in him/her.…

My spiritual role model showed me how to live this Bible verse.…

The most Christ-like action I’ve seen someone take is … and this is how it changed my life.…

The most courageous action I’ve seen someone take is … and this is how it changed my life.…

My favorite [song, book, Bible story, television show, food, sport, hobby, movie, play] is … and this is why it’s my favorite.…

“The ideas are endless. Observe keenly.
Think expansively. They’ll occur to you.
And when they do, record them. Keep them close.”
(Peter Jacobi)

Remember: In spiritual memoirs, you’re telling others the wonders God has done and his marvelous deeds on behalf of you and your family*, so be sure to link your vignettes to Scripture verses.

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  1. I'm sorry I really haven't had time to start on this 'project' but I hope to in future. All your posts will be a huge help in getting it started and finished :-)

  2. What a great list. I need to make a copy of it for when my mind is blank. Thank you, Linda.

  3. Joyful, when the time is right, you'll know it. What's exciting is that even now, your mind is thinking along those lines, alerting you to stories, bringing back memories. Even that is progress toward starting and finishing your memoir!

    Shanda, I'm glad the list will help. I'll keep sharing ideas over time!

    Thanks for stopping by, Joyful and Shanda! :)


  4. Great thought provoking ideas for memoir writing. Now, I only need to set aside the time to do it. I've been too busy on the genealogy project, but in a way they go hand in hand. So the writing will commence again soon.


  5. Patricia, I agree: genealogy can go hand in hand with our memoirs. Those who have gone before us play a role in who we are today.

    I've done quite a bit of research into portions of our family tree and discovered several generations who founded schools and churches as they pioneered America from the east coast to the west.

    Another ancestor was a criminal and deported from England, and he eventually became an upstanding citizen in New England and a successful man, with a wife and kids, and he provided for them in honorable ways. His turn-around was recorded in history books. The lesson I took from his story was that we all need a second chance, and God's grace and other people can help make that happen.

    Enjoy your genealogy!


  6. Hello!
    Always remember my past days. I have a log of blade life. I like "to bring TO memory and I back hope", as the prophet says Jeremiah, this is very important.
    I really enjoyed this word that his blog, which is in fact a suggestion from the word of God.
    It is good that the Holy Spirit through this message that brought us recalls it. All need these memories.
    I'm brazilian. I'm following in web.
    God bless you!

  7. Hello, Denise, and welcome--all the way from Brasil! Bless you as you remember your past days and all God has done. I see on your blog that you are a student of the Bible, and a teacher. Good for you!

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Denise.

    Be of good cheer,

  8. Thank you, Linda. I'm bookmarking this one in my resources list.


  9. De, I'm glad some of these ideas might be helpful! I'll post additional ideas in the future.

    Hope you had a grand weekend!


  10. Dear Linda,
    This list of writing prompts is so timely for me as I am feeling a bit stuck about my story. I'm going back to journaling to help unlock some of the memories. Thank you for always being a source of inspiration!

  11. Kathy, I trust your journaling will help you mine some of the gems in your memories. I don't journal, but many people do and find it a huge blessing!

    Soon I'm going to blog about various ways to jog our memories, including the value of looking at old photos. They, too, have a way of helping us recall important, significant things.

    Let me know if I can be of help, Kathy! Keep writing! I'm planning to read your finished memoir!