Tuesday, March 3, 2020

The secret to writing better than you are capable of writing

If so, you’re not alone. We all get discouraged from time to time, but author Bob Hostetler has a remedy for us.

In his blog post, “Your First Writing Assignment,” Bob tells of his own experience—getting burnt out on writing. Undone.

But then—and I’m sure it was a God-thing—he got a writing assignment that required him to pray—and it was prayer that refueled him and saved his writing ministry.

“I pray before I write. I pray while I write. And then I pray after I write that God will even further transform my offering through the work of godly publishers, editors, designers, artists. . . .

I pray, not to change God or others but to change me. I pray for wisdom to manage my time wisely, for discipline to apply my mind to my writing and my butt to the chair. . . . For some writing projects, I’ve assembled a prayer team to support my writing with their prayers. . . .”

Bob encourages all of us to “ . . . make prayer your first writing assignment every day. Before you sharpen your pencil or turn on your computer, before you outline, before you jump into a writing exercise or research task, pray.

“Whatever it takes,” he says, “if prayer is not your first writing assignment every day . . . you’re cheating yourself, your readers, your editors, and even God, who will partner with you in your writing . . . for the asking.”

You’ll be inspired by Bob’s post, “Your First Writing Assignment.” It will take only a minute or two to read it, and it will be well worth your time.

it could revolutionize yours, too.


  1. This is an excellent reminder. Thank you, Linda.

    I'm finding that the deeper I delve into this writing life, the more I need to discipline myself to pray. And, lately, I'm failing. Prayer is the most important key to writing anything that matters, and prayer is the most difficult thing to make myself do when I want to be productive.

    Why is that? Why do I feel that the time spent in prayer is less productive than typing? Silly me.

    Lord, help me to love to pray. Holy Spirit, remind me to invite you into every word I type. Thank you.

  2. Sara, bless you. Your honesty with yourself and with God must surely warm His heart. And what a lovely prayer you penned here: "Lord, help me to love to pray. Holy Spirit, remind me to invite you into every word I type. Thank you." EVERY WORD! I love that! Thanks for stopping by. Your words and prayer blessed me and will surely bless others who stop by, too. Keep in touch, Sara. P.S. I hope it's OK if I quote you in a future blog post. :)