Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tuesday Tidbit: Where is the best place for your photos?

Have you noticed where people place photos in their memoirs?

Here's a pic from my little story, "My Blackberry Summer."
Some authors group them together in the middle of the book.

Others place them at the end.

Other authors scatter photos throughout the memoir.

Which is best?

Denis Ledoux of The Memoir Network writes: “…Where you place photoswill influence how readers appreciate your story…. There is in reading and writing a phenomenon called ‘suspension of disbelief.’ If I as the reader am constantly saying, ‘This is only a book. This isn’t happening as a read,’ then it is impossible for that reader to get ‘lost in the story.’

Our goal as writers—and as designers of our layouts—is to avoid suspension of disbelief and, instead, to invite readers to live the story while they read. Strategic photo placement can help accomplish that.

If we place photos throughout the memoir, within the vignettes they pertain to (instead of grouped together in the middle or at the end), we will increase readers’ likelihood of experiencing our stories—almost like seeing the events on a movie screen.

So as you write and edit and rewrite and consider your publishing options, plan ahead for your photo placement. It’s important.

There you have it—your Tuesday Tidbit.

Here are two more significant pictures from "My Blackberry Summer."


  1. Hi Linda, lovely to read from you again. Your photos are lovely. I'm afraid I've done nothing on my memoir for a very long time. I'm not sure when I'll get to it again but I like what you had to say today about the photos.

    I've read many memoirs and the photos have generally been placed in the middle of the book, or there are two sets of photos (about 1/4 into the book and again in the 1/4 of the book).

    Personally I don't like this approach to photo sharing. I do like to see the photos closer to the "vignettes they pertain to" as you put it and this seldom seems to be done. Your advice to your readers and memoir writers is terrific IMHO.

    Lovely photos too.

    1. Penny! I'm so glad to hear from you. I've thought of you several times recently. I'll click over to your blog to catch up on your news. Thanks for getting in touch with me. I send smiles and hugs.