Thursday, February 12, 2015

Writing about your fear's pros and cons

We all deal with fear, but sometimes fear races out of control.

Fear can take over.

Fear can cripple.

Fear can paralyze.

Cowardice, dread, trepidation, apprehension, worry, anxiety—they can hinder our potential and rob us of living a full life.

What-ifs can incapacitate us.  

We don’t like to admit we’re afraid. We feel ashamed of being anxious. We think that if we were better people, better Christians, we wouldn’t have fears.

But fear is a curious thing.  Sometimes fear is a friend, a guide.

Fear can alert us to potential danger. It gives us pause.

Fear can give us time—
time to take a careful look at what’s before us,
time to exercise discernment and discretion.

Fear can give us time to weigh our options
 and understand what we’re getting ourselves into
and make choices with wisdom and maturity.

Fear keeps us from recklessness
and from flinging ourselves into foolishness,
left to thrash around,
leaving us with regrets later.

Being paralyzed by fear can offer the gift of time—time to count the cost. To prioritize life’s goals and heart’s desires. To commit to being steadfast. (adapted from Oh God Don’t Make Me Go Don’t Make Me Go: Winded and Scruffy and Brimming with Tales, copyright 2015 by Linda K. Thomas)

You have wrestled with pros and cons of fear
and dread and worry.

The question is:
How can you turn those experiences
 into valuable lessons for your kids
and grandkids—
and who knows how many future generations?

Be intentional. Make time to remember incidents in your past. Choose to write at least one story for your memoir that will challenge your readers as they face their own fears.


  1. This post is cosmic. I'm working on some course material right about exploring and getting past fear by writing about it.

  2. Outstanding, Sharon! It's so true that exploring our fears in writing can help us get past them. I have also found that writing my story helps me recognize how I survived fearful things in the past which in turn helps me be braver for the future.