Wednesday, December 19, 2012

"And ye, beneath life’s crushing load"

The tragedies in Newtown, Connecticut, have saddened this Christmas season for me—and for you, too, I’m sure.

My heart goes out to the victims’ families, the first responders and their families, the community’s clergy and educators and doctors and nurses and law enforcement officials.

I ran across this artwork in an antique Christmas book and its caption took my breath away

I know the words so well, words I have sung my entire life, but in the past I’ve glossed over them.

This Christmas that phrase takes on deeper meaning: “Ye, beneath life’s crushing load.”

And I’m thankful the words caught my attention. I’m thankful they jostled my heart and made it care.

Sometimes it’s good to step back from our giddy holiday festivities to think about and pray for those struggling beneath life’s crushing load.

And then, let’s take it beyond that. Let’s search for vignettes we can write for our memoirs, stories to bless and encourage our readers. We can’t know, now, what crushing loads they might carry in the future, but we can pray our stories will give them hope and faith. 

Have a blessed Christmas.


  1. Amen to this good word and to stop and encourage those under crushing loads. Merry Christmas to you dear Linda.

    1. And Merry Christmas to you, sweet Penny!

  2. Thanks for this much needed reminder, Linda. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  3. This is a great reminder. Thanks for your faithful blog posts and Merry Christmas to you and your family!