Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Power of Your Story

Do you wonder if storytelling is all that important? If so, consider this:

God was the original storyteller! He inspired our Old Testament heroes to tell their stories. Jesus told stories, and so did those who penned the New Testament.

Where would we be today if they had not told their stories?

You are part of a story much bigger than yourself:
Your story is part of God’s story,
and God’s story is part of yours.

Stories are important!
Stories are among God’s most powerful and effective tools.
Stories bridge gaps between past and future generations.
Stories fortify timid hearts and soften hard hearts.
Stories help solve problems.
Stories inspire readers to make sense of their lives and plan for the future.
Stories guide, persuade, and influence.
Stories empower.
Stories inspire prayer.
Stories bring healing.
Stories share wisdom, hope, and faith.
Stories help readers comprehend and remember more readily than do facts, figures, rules, lectures, or sermons.
Stories help readers make important decisions.
Stories help readers discover God’s purposes for their lives.
Stories make a difference.
Stories can change individuals, families, communities, towns, nations—and even the world!
Stories can change lives for eternity.

Your stories are not your own.
They have been entrusted to you by God.
Serve Him, and your readers, with your stories.

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  1. Exactly the sweet kick in the pants I needed! Thank you!

  2. Linda! I love this reminder! Stories are very important to communicating truth in the Middle East, so much more effective than any explanation about spiritual concepts...I need to learn how to tell better stories.

  3. Olive Tree and R.C.L., I'm glad to know you found something helpful here. My constant prayer is that God will give me the right words and use them to further His purposes in the lives of those who read them.

    I hope both of you are having a good weekend.


  4. You offer up a really great perspective. I'd never really thought that many of my stories were important or entrusted to me. You've given me a new perspective.

  5. Yes, Penny, your stories are important! Just think about someone who told you a story that had a big impact on you--maybe even changed your life's direction! What if he or she thought the story was inconsequential -- what if he/she had not shared that story with you?

    When you write your stories, ask God to use them in His own ways in the lives of your readers. You might never know just how one of your stories will bless and encourage someone who reads them, maybe even in generations yet to be born!

    Keep writing those stories, Penny! :)


  6. Thank you,Linda, for sharing this wonderful,powerful reminder of the importance of honoring our own stories. It came at just the right time for me. The list is like a prayer, an affirmation. I have copied the post to spur me on!

  7. Bless your heart, Kathy. You DO have an important story! Never doubt that! You probably cannot comprehend right now how many people will be encouraged and blessed by your stories. I'm so eager to read your book. :)